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  • I'd done several freelance web development projects before coming to camp. With the tools and techniques we've learned so far I can now produce a better looking, more functional product in 1/12th the time...it's only week 2.

    - Alex Miller

  • I love that Coder Camps teaches the real world skills that you otherwise wouldn't cover in a more traditional learning environment.

    - James Donner

  • I recently had the privilege of attending Coder Camps... It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After finishing, I landed a job that more than doubled my previous salary. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in programming.

    - Ryan McDaniel

  • The instructors are real, working developers, who also happen to relate very well to students.... We get to see first hand some of the challenges developers actually face while serving the needs of clients.

    - Andy Trewyn

  • What I love about Coder Camps is being immersed in a supportive environment and having experienced mentors there to help us just by raising my hand.

    - Kevin Binag