Houston Programming Bootcamp

The best way to learn programming in the Houston area!

Accommodations Options

Hack Shacks

$1,800 Shared   $3,600 Private

We have purchased houses in the area of camp for the purpose of campers having a home to stay in while they are here.

You will be staying with other campers in a simple, yet effective house that is within biking distance from the Coder Camps offices. We will also run a shuttle service at a scheduled time so that you will have access to the house when you need it.

** Sorry, pets or children are not allowed to stay at the hack shack at this time **

Courtyard By Marriot

$2,500 Shared   $5,000 Private

The accommodation partner for the Houston facility is the Courtyard by Marriot - Pearland. Below is a PhotoSynth 360 panorama of the lobby, followed by a picture showing how close the hotel is. It an awesome place and the staff there are super supportive of Coder Camps.

We have worked out a deal with these guys to get 50% off your stay for the time you are at camp! That's a huge deal considering how great this place is. You can choose to have a private room or share a room to cut down on expenses. The shared room rate is what is listed on the Tuition page.