Data Science

The Data Science program prepares graduates for success in the fields of Data Analysis and Data Science. These sought-after professionals make important contributions in many aspects of business, including data modeling, data interpretation, and decision making. In 24-weeks, part time students will learn the programming skills necessary to become a data scientist. There are no prerequisites necessary and the classes are taken online with 1:1 mentoring available.

Coder Camps Graduates of this program can:

  • Collect and compile data from multiple sources, use various analytical tools to analyze data, and present solutions in a consumer-friendly format
  • Work in a group setting with others on project teams or independently
  • Perform rigorous and thorough analysis to solve business problems
  • Coach others in the methods of monitoring metrics, improving business efficiency
  • Problem solve, optimize existing business methods, and test new business methods for improved performance

Coder Camps Graduates of this program will receive:

  • Career training and placement for life
  • Help building a resume
  • Assistance in developing a personal brand online
  • Help identifying relevant career positions in related fields
  • Lifetime access to Coder Camps Data Science online curriculum to maintain current expertise

Related Job Titles

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Jr. Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist

Market Demand

  • Several sources call data scientist the top job in America. Job growth is projected to 28% (by IBM) by the year 2020, and the gap between available jobs and skilled practitioners is still growing

Average Time to Complete Course

  • Full-time Campus Students: Not available yet
  • Part-time Online Students: Approximately 20-25 hours a week for 24 weeks.

Learn Data Science today.

Online classes start every 2 weeks.