We Teach Differently

Unique Modular Approach

Gain the exact expertise
you need to succeed

Unlike other schools that teach a single technology stack, Coder Camps covers a variety of technologies to prepare you for actual careers. We work to customize your curriculum so you can learn the exact knowledge and skills that are in greatest demand by your employer or area of interest. Our unique modular-style approach to teaching is revolutionary for coding bootcamps and makes Coder Camps graduates desirable in the workplace.

State-of-the-art learning platform

  • Our customized learning is made possible by an innovative learning platform called Exeter. Exeter is a user-friendly, video-based platform that enables you to access a broad range of courses and explore multiple technologies to find the right tool for your job or career interest. Students can access Exeter on any device at any time on demand.

Coder for Life

  • Through Exeter, our graduates can come back any time to learn a new technology or refresh their expertise as part of our Coder For Life program. Coder For Life also offers lifetime access to career services and training to help our graduates advance and achieve their career goals.

Advantages of Our Program

  • Customize your program for specific jobs or career
  • Choose from a wide variety of interactive lessons online
  • Learn when and where you want through all online devices
  • Gain hands on experience with in-browser coding exercises
  • Receive immediate feedback
  • Continue to update your skills throughout your career

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