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ALP powered by Coder Camps

Accelerated Learning Pathways is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization who propels students to new levels of success by offering career-based courses through high school and beyond. They partner with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge coursework that not only engages students but jumpstarts their training in a high-demand career.

Through their partnership with Coder Camps, high school students take their Full Stack Web Development courses as electives at participating schools. Not only is the customized curriculum easy to understand and specifically tailored to meet the needs of young students, but their dual-credit program allows for straightforward credit transfers to Coder Camps, should students choose to pursue further certification after graduation.

They believe that by teaching the next generation of coders during high school, they will be better equipped to enjoy future economic stability and growth opportunities. Ultimately, their goal is to make career-based training resources available at no cost to high schools across the nation giving students more practical pathways to successful and fulfilling careers.

Grad Solutions powered by Coder Camps


We are Grad Solutions. Founded on the belief that every student has the ability to graduate high school, we have made graduation easier than ever. Our vision is to be the premier Dropout Recovery provider. We will provide an excellent education for the students in our program and achieve the highest success rates in our industry. Our mission is to Create Graduation Success stories One Student at a Time.

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Answering the call of families across the state of Arizona, Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning has provided flexible options in education since 1998. Sequoia Choice provides students the best education possible by combining technology, certified and highly qualified teachers, and accredited curriculum that meets the Common Core and state standards. Because Sequoia Choice operates a number of state-wide programs, students are afforded personalized education, the right educational atmosphere, and flexibility needed to be successful. Sequoia Choice is a free Arizona public charter school and Legal Educational Agency of Edkey, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Sequoia Choice was one of the original schools authorized by the Arizona Department of Education to provide distance learning services to Arizona students in grades K-12.

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