JavaScript + Full Stack .NET


Microsoft’s .NET development platform has been an industry leading technology stack since 2002.

.NET can be used to create applications and services on any device and operating system while providing sophisticated tooling to help guide you in your development process.  The .NET developer community continues to grow and thrive so with .NET, you know you will have resources and support as you encounter challenges.  If you are looking for an opinionated technology full of documentation on best-practices and structure, .NET is it.

The Curriculum

Coder Camps’ Full Stack .NET course will cover everything you need to be a full stack developer and build robust web applications using Microsoft .NET.  In addition to programming basics and computer science theory, we cover the most current architecture available to the .NET platform - .NET Core.

How to store and version your source code using Git and GitHub

Web basics with HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript

How to build robust and responsive Front-Ends with AngularJS

How to build secure, scalable back-end services using C# and ASP.NET Web API

How to build mobile applications for iOS and Android using Apache Cordova

Agile project management principles with Scrum

Once you’ve learned the basic concepts, you will put them to use by developing a fully-functional, data driven web application in an Agile software team.

Learn Full Stack .NET web
development today.

Onsite classes start every 3 weeks. Online classes start every week.