Structured Online

Learn Anytime
From Anywhere

The perfect balance and structure of our On-site bootcamp with
the flexibility of a part-time remote program

An online programmming
bootcamp like no other.

Coder Camps Online takes the time-tested curriculum of our Onsite Immersive Program, and makes it accesible to students anywhere in the world. You’ll learn and interact with instructors through our remote student portal. You’ll pair with classmates throughout the course, with direct access to instructors, all immediately available through messaging and video chat.

18-weeks, on-demand and based on your schedule

Mentors make the difference

  • Work 1:1 with a Mentor ensuring you keep up with the intense pace of the class
  • Twice-a-week scheduled video conferences and code reviews
  • Live 1:1 mentor appointments each week as you build real software
  • Bi-weekly Tech Talks and Career Talks with leading employers

Chat channels and help line access through CodeBase

  • Interact with fellow students, alumni, and mentors in a vibrant community
  • Online student portal provides access to lesson content, instructional videos, interactive
  • exercises and quizzes.
  • Collaborate with other online students to develop your group project

Available for all Coder Camps courses

  • Full Stack .NET
  • Full Stack JavaScript
  • Coding From Scratch
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