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Scholarships & Financing

Military Scholarship Now Includes Spouses and Dependents

• Award Amounts: 20% off gross tuition
• Eligibility: Active Duty or Veteran
• Requirements: DD214 or other proof of military experience
• Deadline: Provide proof of MIL within 5 days of application
Apply Here.

Teacher/Student Referral Scholarship

• Award Amount: $1,500 off tuition
• Eligibility: Teachers or students referred by a teacher
• Requirements: Prof of employment or reference letter from a teacher
• Deadline: Requirements must be submitted before start
Apply Here.

Women in Tech

• Award Amounts: $2000 off Campus tuition/ $1000 off Online tuition
• Eligibility: Current or aspiring female programmers
• Requirements: Copy of their photo ID
• Deadline: proof of identification is due by the start of the program.
Apply Here.

Operation Code Scholarship

• Award Amount: Full Ride Scholarship
• Eligibility: Any student that is active/former military, a spouse of a veteran, or a dependent must finish
  Coding from Scratch and must receive a score of 70 or higher.
• Requirements: Student must submit a copy of their DD214 or a copy of their orders.
• Cannot be combined with other scholarships or cash discounts. Must apply before the deadline of
  Friday, August 11th.
• Deadline: All eligible applications will be selected at random and will be notified directly via phone on
  Friday, August 25th.
Apply Here.

Available financing options:

• Monthly payment plan
• Tuition discount for cash payments
• Interest only payments while in school*
• Deferred payments while in school *
• Call 855-755-2267 or Apply here.

*for those who qualify, eligibility is determined by credit score

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