Success Stories

Graduates from Coder Camps
ready to take on the next challenge.

The curriculum is fresh and updated which means we’re learning the newest stuff. ”

Anna CassaroSoftware Engineer at GCR Inc.

Kyle Dunn

“If you are considering a programming boot camp, use some beginner tools online to see if you actually like it. If you do, I highly recommend Coder Camps. It's a great environment that teaches highly employable technologies.”

Alex Miller

“I'd done several freelance web development projects before coming to camp. With the tools and techniques we've learned so far I can now produce a better looking, more functional product in 1/12th the's only week 2.”

Adrianne Geyer

“With the education and training I am receiving, I have no doubt that I will be able to obtain work as a Web Developer by the end of camp. There is no way I could have learned on my own, what I am being taught at Coder Camps.”

Greg Bohanon

“My time at Coder Camps was a wonderful experience for me, I learned some amazing things and met some wonderful people. They are truly dedicated to helping you achieve whatever goal you put your mind to. I was able to land a position as a Junior Developer within 30 days from completing camp.”

Samuel Bender

“Coder Camps has delivered on all promises. I came to camp with minimal experience and was offered a job in Charlotte as a .Net developer before I finished camp.”

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